Car Insurance

We can help clients with the cleanest driving records, and the clients who have a need for solutions.  We can also help new drivers, and, drivers who are new to the U.S., but have driving experience in another country.  We also write motorcycle, scooters, RV’s, and golf carts. We can even write clients who drive for a transportation network company (i.e. Uber and Lyft).

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The minimum information we will need to give you a quote is your name, adress, and date of birth.  I you have declaration pages from your present insurance company, that will be helpful. 

Other Insurances

Business Insurance

We insure many types of businesses. Minimum information needed for a quote includes your name, business name, address, what type of business you are in, the year you started, and, your tax ID number.

Home Insurance

We insure all types of homes, from old to new, basic to multi million dollar, and from fair condition to excellent condition. Minimum information needed for a quote includes your name, date of birth, prior address, and present or new address.

Liability Insurance

From personal or umbrella liability, to professional liability, to business liability, we have many sources to protect your needs and assets.

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